Welcome Back ...

By: Michael Brown
Date: September 9, 2016

... to that same old place that you laughed about.

Blogging, eh? I remember I used to do that a lot. Boy, what a different world that was. I remember just blathering on and on about everything from health problems to drinking to politics to religion as if I vehemently believed every single thought that ever flew through my head. Which perhaps I did, at the time. But you know, times change. My opinions on a lot of things have changed, too. Maybe that's what was so hard about keeping up blogging, or maintaining the existing blog: the idea that how I felt a year ago is not how I feel now. I think it's important to remain flexible. This is an imperfect analogy, but try this: You dislike cats because you think all cats are snooty. But then one day a super friendly, happy-go-lucky cat (a dog-like cat, if you will) shows up on your doorstep looking hungry. Are you going to shoo it away because you don't like cats? Or will you perhaps look at him and see that, wow, he's not snooty like all the other cats you've ever known. He's actually kind of a cool cat. Maybe you could give him something to eat....

Like I said, it's imperfect. But that's sort of the way I view my opinions: I hope that if I accumulate evidence to disprove my previous opinions, I will alter my current opinion. And so having all my opinions out there in a permanent-state searchable blog felt counter-productive. How do you grow when your entire mental and emotional development is just sitting there online, staring at you, reminding you of its existence every time someone tries to comment on some stupid thing you wrote fifteen years ago?

And so here I am, blogging about not blogging anymore. I wonder what will become of this post when I grow again.